Twin Sisters | Marietta Twin Photographer

Being a Marietta twin photographer means twice the babies and twice the fun in a photo shoot! These little beauties were so adorable. They were such a pleasure to photograph.

Twin Sisters | Marietta Twin Photographer

Shooting twins was intimidating when I first started out. Two of them and only one of me! But after my first few twin sessions, I got much more comfortable and now they’re definitely some of my favorites!

Sometimes a twin session can go south fast. Once one baby starts crying, the other is soon to follow. Luckily, these little ladies were in a very happy and eager to be photographed mood.

Twin Sisters | Marietta Twin Photographer

What can you expect in a Marietta twin photography session?

Twins are so much fun. They have so many similarities, both in looks and personality. Yet, they each also have their own distinct personality, no matter how similar they are. This makes their photos so much fun.

We’ll take photos of the twins together and each of them individually. I like to start with one twin, then do both, then finish up with the second twin. If one twin is feeling a bit fussy or needs to be fed and the other one isn’t, I’ll do the solo shots of the happy twin while you tend to the other.

As a Marietta twin photographer, I like to make their clothes complementary, yet not perfectly matched. If you like perfectly matched clothing, we can do some of those, as well.

Twin Sisters | Marietta Twin Photographer

How to prepare for your session

Photographing multiples means twice the opportunity for things to go great or go wrong. I typically suggest making sure your twins are fed and diapers changed just prior to the session. If you’re worried about crankiness, schedule your session for just after naptime.

Of course, even if you did everything you could think of to prepare, things could still come up. Don’t worry about it! The twins are in charge of this session. If they need a break, we’ll give them one. If they’re hungry, they can stop to eat. If they just need a few Mommy snuggles, they can have those too!

Twin Sisters | Marietta Twin Photographer

If you’re ready to schedule your Marietta twin photography session, contact me today.

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