Farrah | Kennesaw newborn photographer

The biggest joy of being a Kennesaw newborn photographer is all the precious little ones who come through my studio. I see so many adorable newborns, each with their own personality. I love capturing those in photos.

This little one seemed to say, “Hi! I’m Farrah!”

Farrah | Kennesaw newborn photographer

How do we get our newborn to sleep for our Kennesaw newborn photography session?

I send out a “parent prep letter” before all my Kennesaw newborn photographer sessions. This gives plenty of tips and advice on how to prep for your session.

To help your newborn be sleepy during their session, I recommend keeping them awake for the few hours before their session. This will help tire them out so they’re sleepy for the session. It can also help to feed them right before you arrive, so they’ve got a full tummy too.

But if your little one isn’t big on sleep, that’s okay! We can get plenty of great shots with a wide-awake newborn. Sometimes those even turn out to be the best photos because they’re so unexpected!

Farrah | Kennesaw newborn photographer

We did Farrah’s session around the holidays, so we used lots of holiday themed props. I love this little outfit with the reindeer antlers. The addition of some evergreen gave it a really Christmasy feel.

I have tons of props for all seasons and holidays, as well as “everyday” ones. From outfits to headbands, blankets to bowls, I have everything we need to get a great collection of newborn photos.

Farrah | Kennesaw newborn photographer

What does the session flow look like?

I like to start my Kennesaw newborn photography session with the parent (or parent & sibling) photos with the new baby. This gives the new parents a chance to get to know me a bit and get comfortable with handing their new baby over to me. Then, they can kick back and relax for the rest of the session – or one parent can take the older siblings to do something else.

After parent photos, I move on to bean bag photos, then props, and finally swaddled photos. Swaddled photos work well at the end because this is often when babies are starting to wake up. Swaddling keeps them content a little longer so we can finish up.

Farrah | Kennesaw newborn photographer

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