G Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

Being an Atlanta family photographer allows me to spend time with some wonderful families. The G family was a lovely family of five (dogs count!) who were a real pleasure to photograph.

G Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

How should we dress for our Atlanta family photography session?

Your family photos should capture your family’s personality and dynamic. If you’re casual folks, stick with casual clothes. If you’re more formal, then glam it up!

Colors should be complementary, but not overly matchy-matchy. Notice how this family is tied together with the dark blue, but the two dresses aren’t duplicates and the addition of a sweater vest keeps the son from looking like a mini version of his dad. Well, other than how much he favors his dad anyway, that is.

G Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

This was an autumn shoot, and the colors of the season provided a perfect backdrop to these photos. They have a really great earthy feel to them, which really complements this family well.

G Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

What to expect at your session

Your Atlanta family photographer session will last about 45 minutes to an hour. I like to schedule outdoor sessions either early or late in the day, during what’s called the golden hour. This is when the sun is just right in the sky to provide the perfect lighting without any extra help from me. Those times of day result in spectacular photos.

I think keeping things light and fun leads to the best natural photos, so I’ll talk and joke with your family while I shoot.

Your session can take place in my studio or at another location. I can offer tons of suggestions, or if you have a particular location in mind, let me know. As long as there are no laws or rules against it, we can shoot wherever you’d like!

And of course, you can include the family dog!

G Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

If it’s time to update the family photo, contact me today. We’ll get your session scheduled so you can hang a beautiful new memory on the wall.

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