P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer

As an Atlanta family photographer, I always enjoy photographing friends of the family or my kids’ friends. This family was no exception. Their 10-year-old is friends with mine. Would you just look at how beautiful they are?

You might notice there’s some fog in the photo. Even with the fog, the photos still turned out great. In fact, I think the fog adds a nice ethereal element, don’t you?

P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer
P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer

Where are family sessions done?

Anywhere you want! When you schedule a family photo session, we’ll discuss the location and decide on a place together. If you don’t know where you’d like to have the session, I can suggest some locations to you.

A good Atlanta family photographer will have several locations they can use and be able to suggest one that would work beautifully for your family. But you should always feel free to suggest locations you love because those will help us capture your family at its best.

P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer
P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer

What about clothes?

Many people worry about clothes. They want the photo to look good, and that means clothing that goes together. Don’t mistake clothes that go together for clothes that are perfectly matched.

You don’t want everyone to match. You want everyone to wear complementary colors and patterns. This family did a great job of choosing complementary colors and patterns so that they looked great together without being too matched up.

If you’re not sure about your clothing choices, feel free to ask me for help. I’m always happy to help you find the perfect colors and patterns so your family will look their best.

P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer
P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer

What happens in a family photo session?

As an Atlanta family photographer, I like to capture a variety of photos of your family. Naturally, some or even most, will be of your entire family.

But we’ll also break apart into smaller segments, depending on your family size. Photos of each parent with some of the kids, some kids with each other, and even a few of just Mom and Dad are just a few of the options available. I like to go with the flow and see what we come up with organically in the moment.

If you have some specific photos you’d like to get, please feel free to let me know. These photos are intended to be cherished family memories, so you should feel free to speak your mind and tell me what you envision so we can give you exactly the memories you’re hoping to get.

P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer
P Family|Atlanta Family Photographer

Ready to capture some special family memories?

If you’re ready to schedule your family photo session, let’s book your session today. Contact me today to schedule your session!

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