Whitley | Acworth Baby Photographer

I love spring sessions as an Acworth baby photographer. Winter is over, the flowers are beginning to bloom as temperatures warm, and there’s so many things we can do with props.

Whitley’s session was so much fun as we incorporated lots of flowers and floral elements into it. From flowerly headbands to blankets with floral designs to actual flowers, we had a blast bringing the outdoors in for her photo session.

Whitley | Acworth Baby Photographer

Do we have to bring the props for our Acworth baby photography session?

You are welcome to bring something if it has special meaning to you and your family. But I have tons of props (I wonder if there’s a 12-step group for prop addiction?), so all you really need to bring is the baby.

If there’s a specific image you want captured, you can check with me to see if I have the necessary props before you go looking for them yourself. If I don’t have them, I may be able to get them.

Whitley | Acworth Baby Photographer

I love these macro shots to capture small precious parts of the baby. While images of the whole baby are the main focus, these close-up images can later be a great reminder of some of the little things that we often forget about as baby grows.

Whitley | Acworth Baby Photographer

How do you decide which props to use?

There are so many adorable props and poses for newborn and baby photography! I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s hard to choose. There are several things I consider when choosing props.

One is the season. Whitley’s session was in the spring, so incorporating floral elements was easy. Winter sessions might include holiday decorations and lots of cozy blankets. Autumn sessions could include pumpkins, Jack-o’-lanterns, or colorful fall leaves.

Another is the baby. Even as newborns, babies already have their own personalities. Some props are just a natural choice based on the baby.

Your wishes also come into play. If you have a special request, such as wanting a sports theme or a super girly theme or you want to incorporate your love of books or movies, I look for props that will accommodate that.

Whitley | Acworth Baby Photographer

I adore the headband she’s wearing here! It adds a sweet feminine touch but with subdued blue shades to keep it from being too much.

Whitley | Acworth Baby Photographer

Ready to book your Acworth baby photographer session?

My schedule fills up fast, so once you decide you’re ready to book a session, reach out. We can schedule it at your convenience, but the earlier you reach out, the better your chances of getting your preferred date and time.

If you’re ready, let me know today. I eagerly look forward to each and every session, and I can’t wait to start anticipating yours!

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