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Atlanta Baby Photographer

Sweet baby Jade! As an Atlanta baby photographer, I first had the pleasure of photographing Jade for her newborn session. In fact, Jade is the model in my video!

As you can see, Jade’s grown quite a bit. These photos are from her 6 month session, isn’t she beautiful? She was a perfect model as a newborn, and that didn’t change over the next few months.

Jade|Atlanta Baby Photographer

Can we schedule multiple sessions?

Jade’s beautiful mama brought her to me for both her newborn and six month sessions. If you know that you’d like to do the same, or that you’d like to schedule a newborn session and a separate maternity, family, or senior session, you can absolutely schedule them all at once.

As a bonus, if you book multiple sessions, I’ll even give you a 20% discount on the session fee and any packages you purchase.

Why should we get professional photos done at milestones?

As a proud parent myself, I know we all take tons of photos of our pride and joy all day long. How could we not? And I have no doubt that your candid shots are beautiful and frame-worthy.

Professional photos by an Atlanta baby photographer do have a few advantages, though. First, we use beautiful props and outfits that make your baby as adorable as possible. We use clean backdrops so the focus stays on your baby.

Perhaps most important, we take photos that are intended to be used in a variety of sizes. Your candid photo taken with your cell phone or even a good digital camera may not be composed in a way that allows you to print wallets, 5x7s, and 8x10s or bigger, all with the same photo. My professional photos, on the other hand, are composed to allow just that. So you can share your favorite photos with family and friends in any number of sizes and be proud of how beautiful your baby looks.

Additionally, I work with professional print labs whose quality and colors I can stand behind, knowing that every photo will turn out exactly as we envisioned.

Jade|Atlanta Baby Photographer

What happens at a milestone session?

Babies change so much in the first year. From sleepy newborns who can’t even hold up their own heads to tummy time and crawling, to babbling and walking. The changes are frequent and amazing.

A milestone session is intended to help document these changes. We’ll use props and outfits that accentuate the incredible changes your baby has gone through. I’ll also make sure that the poses we use are ones that bring the focus to these changes.

For example, I’ll try to capture your baby as they crawl or as they’re pulling themselves to their feet to take a few steps.

These photos can be priceless memories that you’ll treasure forever, so you want to choose the right Atlanta baby photographer to make sure they’re done right.

Jade|Atlanta Baby Photographer
Jade|Atlanta Baby Photographer

When should you schedule your milestone session?

Milestones can be fickle. One minute, baby is trying to sit up and the next, they’re an old pro at it. They go from a shaky, slightly scared first try at standing to zooming around the house so fast you can barely keep up.

This rapidity is why it’s a good idea to schedule your sessions as much in advance as possible. You can schedule milestone photos based on age (3, 6, 9, or 12 month photos). Milestone sessions can be scheduled as early as your newborn session. Or you can schedule them based on knowing that a big milestone (sitting up, crawling, walking, etc.) is about to be achieved. If you choose the second, it’s a good idea to reach out to me as soon as you realize it so we can try to get you scheduled quickly.

Jade|Atlanta Baby Photographer

Ready to schedule your milestone photography session?

I’d love to capture your baby’s first-year accomplishments. Reach out to me today to get your session scheduled!

Jade|Atlanta Baby Photographer
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