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For Mother’s Day, I have decided to offer Mommy and Me photos in the form of Mommy and Me mini-sessions.  Here’s the thing..I get it…I have 4 children..3 of them I had within 4 years.  I haven’t looked “picture ready” since before that first kid was born.   I have so many friends that say they’d like to do family photos, but just want to lose a little more weight, or just aren’t happy with the way they look.  I understand.  I don’t love how I look right now either.  But when I think about my sweet children, and their memories, I want them to have pictures of me WITH them.  Not selfies or cell phone snaps..I want them to have real pictures that they can show their children, and their children’s children.   The thing about kids that is wonderful is that they just see their mom.  And because I’m their mom, they think I’m pretty, they don’t think I’m fat, and they don’t see the 10 or so extra pounds I’d really love to lose before being in pictures.

Get in the pictures with your children!  I promise, you won’t regret it!  To get moms in front of the camera, from now until the end of May I am offering Mommy and Me mini-sessions.  You get 30 minutes of me photographing you with your children, 8-10 fully edited digital images, and memories that you and your children can have for a lifetime.  I’m offering this from now until the end of May for $250 per session.

Here are MY mommy and me photos…we had done family photos with my remote timer, I was so frazzled about the pictures that at one point, my husband saw me sweating and said “are you ok”.  Since I am a photographer, I rarely get to be in pictures with my kids, and since my camera can be kind of tricky to operate, it’s even more rare that my husband offers to even touch it.  I hadn’t been in any real pictures with my older kids and our youngest since we’d had him, so I asked my husband to take a few shots.  I love that I have pictures of me with our children.  Now, I don’t love my body, or my hair in these pictures, but all my kids see, is Mom.

Click here to contact me and schedule your Mommy and Me Mini Session now.

Mommy and Me Photos

Mommy and Me Photos | Atlanta Area PhotographerMommy and Me Photos | Atlanta Area PhotographerMommy and Me Photos | Atlanta Area PhotographerMommy and Me Photos | Atlanta Area Photographer

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