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Family Photographer

I became a family photographer to capture better pictures of my kids.  When my oldest was about 8 months old, I realized that my little point and shoot camera wasn’t catching his very quick and fleeting smiles.  He’s always been a more serious kid, and I couldn’t stand the thought of missing out on his cute little grins.  My husband got me my first DSLR for my birthday, the canon digital rebel.   I quickly taught myself how to use it, learned about shooting in manual, bought a new lens, and had a friend offer to pay me for pictures of her child.   It is amazing  being able to capture the moments of my own kids childhood, as well as capture these sweet moments for other families.

This is my 8th year as a family photographer.  I started my business when my oldest was about 1 year old, and have been working to learn more ever since.   This past year we were able to do more things with all four children, now that our youngest is 2, things just felt easier!

Rogers Kids

Here they are at our beach vacation this year.  We had such a great time.  My youngest, Avett, was much more fun this year, than last year, when he basically just ate sand:)


Rogers Kids | Family Photographer | Appleseed Photography

We went to the mountains in North Carolina for Labor Day Weekend. We had such a great time, and since it was my birthday, the kids even humored me with a quick session.
Rogers Kids | Family Photographer | Appleseed Photography

This was from a hike we went on.  I usually don’t take my camera, but for whatever reason this day I did.  I’m so glad I took it.  I got this gem, and it’s sitting on our mantle now. You can never be too prepared!
Rogers Kids | Family Photographer | Appleseed Photography

My parents live in Nashville, TN.  Every time we go there, the kids ask to visit this park. I played on this mosaic dragon when I was a little girl.  This is a favorite of mine. If you ever find yourself in Nashville with kids and time to kill, I highly recommend this park!
Rogers Kids | Family Photographer | Appleseed Photography

Each of my kids in my favorite picture they each took this year.  Landrie (5) looks too cute in pigtails.  Kellam (7) has the best real smile ever.  He lights up a room with his grin!  Zaden (8) is my serious kid.  If he’s smiling, I probably said or did something ridiculous to make it happen.  Lastly, Avett (2) is our live wire, our NICU warrior, and the perfect way to complete our family.   These are just a few of the photos I took of my own family this year..some posed, some not.

Rogers Kids | Family Photographer | Appleseed Photography

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