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Atlanta Family Photographer

The most enjoyable thing about being an Atlanta Family Photographer is that I get the chance to photograph my friends families.  I met this sweet family through school.  Her youngest and my oldest are in the same class together.  We did this session at their home, and I was totally in love with their beautiful property.

Picking the right location

I’m always excited to find a new location.  This one, of course, just fell in my lap since they live there. The property had a beautiful creek, fields, and a stunning old chimney.  I love it when a property offers several different options for backgrounds and scenery.  This property was an absolute photographers dream!  One of the first things I do with a family once a session is booked is pick the location for your session.  All of my family sessions are on location. This means that I do all of my family sessions outdoors, at a location that the family and I agree upon together.

What to expect from your session

How long your session will take often depends on how old your children are.  Peyton and Landon (seen here) are 3rd and 5th graders, and have a great attention span!  Younger kids, around 1-6 years old, usually tire of me and being photographed within 45 minutes.  I try my best to keep sessions fun, light, and moving around so that kids don’t tire of me too quickly.

What time to schedule your session

As an atlanta family photographer, I generally schedule most of my sessions at the end of the day.  That last hour of daylight is the prettiest hour of the entire day. If you have very young children, we may want to schedule your session for first thing in the morning, or maybe a couple of hours before the end of the day.  I totally understand that this can be a hard time of day for young kids.  If you don’t think your children can handle that time of day, we can definitely pick something earlier in the day.   Lighting aside, the best time of the day for pictures is the time of day that your kids are happy!

Jones Family

This session was one of my favorite sessions that I did this fall.  I love seeing how families interact together.  This family was so adorable.  Landon and Peyton have one of the most special sibling relationships I have ever seen.  They truly enjoy each other, and love each other.  The setting, the lighting, the loving family…all of it combined added up to make the perfect family session.  If you live in the Atlanta area, I would love to capture your family, and their special moments.  Call or email me today to schedule your session.   Our kids are only kids for such a short time.  Allow me to capture this time, and turn it into lasting memories, and art that your family can enjoy for years to come.  I hope to work with you soon!


Atlanta Family Photographer | Jones Family | Appleseed PhotographyAtlanta Family Photographer | Jones Family | Appleseed PhotographyAtlanta Family Photographer | Jones Family | Appleseed PhotographyAtlanta Family Photographer | Jones Family | Appleseed PhotographyAtlanta Family Photographer | Jones Family | Appleseed Photography

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