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Isaac was a little dream to photograph as a newborn photographer Atlanta. His big sister was so proud! Look at that smile on her face! Isaac slept like… well, like a proverbial baby through his entire session, which made it so easy to get great photos.

Isaac|Newborn Photographer Atlanta|Appleseed Photography

Can we take photos with the newborn?

Siblings and parents are both welcome to be included in newborn photos. In fact, we’ll start with those photos and get them out of the way. This gives you more time to get to know me and feel comfortable before I take over handling the baby for various poses.

Once sibling and parent photos are done, one parent will take the siblings for some park time, lunch, or a special outing. This allows us to have a quiet, relaxing environment for the best possible outcome for baby and the photos.

If you’d like to do parent and/or sibling photos, all you need to do is mention it when you book your newborn photographer Atlanta session.

Isaac|Newborn Photographer Atlanta|Appleseed Photography

What’s the best time of day to schedule our newborn photographer Atlanta photo session?

I schedule newborn sessions for mornings from 9:30-12:30. I recommend keeping your newborn awake for a few hours before your session. This helps them to be more sleepy when we do the session. You can also feed them right before the session to help with sleepiness. Generally, as long as you keep your newborn awake for a while, they should be sleepy enough to have a great session.

And even if they’re not sleepy, we can still have a great session. Sometimes wide-awake photos turn out even better than the traditional sleeping newborn ones because they’re so outside the ordinary.

Isaac|Newborn Photographer Atlanta|Appleseed Photography
Isaac|Newborn Photographer Atlanta|Appleseed Photography

If you’re ready to book your Atlanta newborn photographer session, reach out today. Let’s get you on the books and capture those beautiful memories!

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