August| Newborn Photography Atlanta

The best thing about doing Newborn Photography Atlanta is seeing all these beautiful new little faces every day! Meet August. He was so precious!

August| Newborn Photography Atlanta

Simple Wrapped Newborn Session

August had what’s called a simple wrapped newborn session. This means that your newborn stays swaddled during the entire session. No outfit changes and just a few simple props. These sessions tend to be faster and that means they’re also less expensive while still giving you the beautiful newborn photography experience and photos you want. You can view the pricing details for the sessions I offer here.

August| Newborn Photography Atlanta

What is a Swaddled Session?

Swaddling the baby like this accomplishes two purposes:

  1. It keeps your newborn feeling comfortable and secure while we’re trying to take the photos, ensuring that every photo is beautiful.
  2. It keeps your newborn toasty warm (though the studio is also quite toasty) so that they’ll happily sleep their way through the session.

I should mention that swaddled sessions are for baby only. If you’re interested in parent or sibling images, I offer a full newborn session. The full newborn session offers parent and sibling poses, swaddled and un-swaddled set ups, and a few more images as well.

You can also feed them just before the session and keep them awake for a few hours prior. This helps ensure they’ll be nice and sleepy when it’s time for the session.

August| Newborn Photography Atlanta

While a traditional newborn photography Atlanta session would include parents and siblings, a simple wrapped newborn session does not. This helps the session go more quickly and keep the session more affordable. It’s also perfect if what you’re envisioning is just those adorable photos of your beautifully swaddled and curled up newborn without a bunch of outfits, props, or other extras. The swaddling material and the few props I use help to ensure your baby shines without distractions.

August| Newborn Photography Atlanta

You can schedule your newborn photography Atlanta session during the final weeks of your pregnancy. I’ll put you on the calendar and if baby arrives early or late, we can adjust as needed to ensure you get the gorgeous photos you’re looking for.

August| Newborn Photography Atlanta

Are you ready to schedule your simple wrapped newborn session? Then let me handle your Newborn Photography Atlanta experience and contact me today!

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