Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Atlanta Newborn Photographer

As an Atlanta newborn photographer, coming up with creative and unique ways to capture those precious little ones is so much fun. In Ruhaan’s case, I had the chance to capture something that was really fun.

Ruhaan’s mom is also a photographer, and she wanted me to include a setup of him with a camera. Isn’t this just adorable?

Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer

How I got started as an Atlanta newborn photographer

I’ve been an Atlanta newborn photographer for about four years now. But that’s not where I began.

When my oldest son was a baby, I got my first DSLR camera. I scoured the internet, joining websites and signing up for classes, to learn to be a photographer. Two years later, I got my second DSLR camera and kept learning. By the time I got my third camera, I was ready to learn manual mode and go pro.

About four years ago, I decided I wanted to focus on newborn photography. I took a workshop in Oklahoma to learn (hands on!) how to pose newborns, and I’ve never looked back.

Atlanta newborn photography allows me to have the best of both worlds: a part-time business while being a full-time mom. I truly love what I do.

Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Ruhaan was such a sweet and easy little guy to photograph. I had so much fun with him.

Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer

How to pick a newborn photographer

Choosing the right Atlanta newborn photographer to capture these fleeting moments is so important. Your baby’s safety should be the number one priority.

I have attended several newborn posing workshops and been trained in safe baby handling and posing. My sessions are mostly “baby led.” This means that while I have a flow I tend to use, if your baby is fussy or doesn’t seem happy with the flow, I’ll move on and follow your baby’s lead.

I also have tons of props for use in newborn sessions. I love finding cool and unique things to use when photographing newborns. In fact, I probably spend way too much money on props! You want to choose a photographer who has plenty of their own props and/or clothing so that you get lots of variety in your photos.

Once you decide to schedule your session with me, it’s super easy to do! Just contact me right here to schedule your session.

Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer

What happens if I schedule my session and have the baby before or after my due date?

No problem! We all know that having a baby is not an exact science. Babies come when they’re good and ready, no matter what we think.

If you’ve scheduled your session and have your baby before or after your due date, you can just call me and we’ll go over the schedule to find a new time.

While the first two weeks after birth are the best time for newborn photos, we have a little wiggle room to go as far as a month out and still capture the adorable, snuggly photos of a newborn. So relax, give me a call, and enjoy your brand-new bundle!

Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Ruhaan |Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Ready to schedule? Contact me here to schedule your Atlanta newborn photography session!

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