Harper|Newborn Photography Marietta|Appleseed Photography

Harper and her parents came to me for her newborn photography Marietta session with her big brother. Look at the faces in this photo. Even though you can only see part of Dad and Big Brother’s face, it’s clear how much they adore baby Harper!

Harper|Newborn Photography Marietta|Appleseed Photography

Harper’s big brother was just an absolute DOLL! He’s adorable, and so happy (just like Harper with her super-smiley self!) and so loving and attentive to his baby sister.

Harper|Newborn Photography Marietta|Appleseed Photography

How soon after birth should we schedule session?

A typical newborn session usually takes place within the first two weeks. This is when new babies are still in their most pliable, content state. We can swaddle them and pose them in so many ways.

But it’s not always possible. If your baby comes a little early or if my schedule is already booked, you may need to wait longer than two weeks. If so, that’s okay. We can usually get good newborn photos up until around four weeks or so.

It’s important, though, to schedule your session before the birth. We don’t schedule the session, we pencil in your due date. This gets you on the books so I’m not overbooked when your little ones arrives. So it’s a good idea to reach out to me 2-3 months before you’re due. Then we can adjust and schedule based on when your baby is actually born.

Is there anything better than a precious photo of siblings cuddling? Especially since we know one day they’ll be fighting and denying they even like each other!

Harper|Newborn Photography Marietta|Appleseed Photography

Why choose me as your Marietta newborn photographer?

I trained with Angie Knutson to learn how to safely handle and pose newborns. When I move and pose your baby, you can be certain that your baby will be comfortable, safe, and secure at all times.

I have so many adorable poses to put your baby in. However, if at any time you’re uncomfortable with the way I’m posing your baby, you need only tell me. I’ll immediately move on to the next pose, no questions asked.

One of my favorite things to do, in addition to the posed photos, is to get some natural ones. Your newborn already has his or her very own personality, and I love capturing that in your session.

Look at that gorgeous little baby girl smile!

Harper|Newborn Photography Marietta|Appleseed Photography

Ready to schedule your newborn photography Marietta session? Contact me today so we can get you on the schedule!

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