Eliza | Georgia Newborn Photographer

Georgia Newborn Photographer

One of the great joys of being a Georgia newborn photographer is getting to capture these precious lovelies in all their innocence, before the world has touched them at all.

I took these photos of Eliza when she was a newborn, but guess what? She’s scheduled for her 1 year photos at the end of this summer! She was a super easy baby for her newborn photos, and I’m sure her photos in a few months will be just as amazing!

Eliza | Georgia Newborn Photographer
Eliza | Georgia Newborn Photographer

Look at that precious little sleeping face! It just makes you want to snuggle her for days, doesn’t it?

Eliza | Georgia Newborn Photographer

Do I need to bring all the clothes and cute little accessories to my session?

Nope! As a Georgia newborn photographer, I have plenty of props, clothes, and other accessories so I can make your new bundle’s photos as special and beautiful as possible.

However, if there is something that has special meaning for you or you have a specific kind of photo in mind (ex: you’re a photographer and want to include a camera; you’re a bookworm and want to include your favorite books), feel free to bring something meaningful. You can also ask me if I have what you need to create the image you have in mind if you don’t have the necessary items.

Eliza | Georgia Newborn Photographer

What happens if baby arrives early (or late)?

Babies are on their own schedule. Scheduling your Georgia newborn photographer session while you’re still pregnant is a good idea to ensure you have a confirmed slot. If baby arrives early, and needs a little extra time in the hospital, we can easily reschedule. And if they come home right away, we can still use your already-scheduled appointment.

If baby arrives late, that’s usually not a problem, either. Just give me a call and let me know. We can free up your existing slot and reschedule you for another time after the baby has come.

Eliza | Georgia Newborn Photographer

Where do newborn sessions take place?

I have a studio all set up for newborn (and other) photography sessions. I have all the lighting needed to create stunning photos of your newborn, as well as plenty of props, clothes, accessories, and furniture.

The studio is climate controlled, which allows us to keep your new baby comfortable despite the clothing changes or lack of clothing for some photos. It also ensures that we don’t typically have to reschedule due to weather concerns.

Eliza | Georgia Newborn Photographer

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