Nathan |Atlanta milestone photographer

As an Atlanta milestone photographer, one of my favorite ages to photograph is 6 months. I often call these “sitter photos” because sitting up doesn’t always happen right at 6 months. Nathan is one of the happiest little guys I have photographed at this age.

Nathan |Atlanta milestone photographer

Props and what to wear…

You are always welcome to bring clothing items for your baby. I do keep a several outfits on hand, ranging from newborn-18 months for parents to check out. I also have several props in my studio as well. Props are so great for adding character, and for supporting babies that aren’t quite sitting up fully on their own.

Nathan |Atlanta milestone photographer
Nathan |Atlanta milestone photographer

What is a milestone session?

A milestone session is exactly what it sounds like: a photo session meant to capture a milestone in your baby’s life. It might be a specific age, such as 6 months or a year old. Or it might be a particular milestone, such as sitting up, crawling, or walking.

Milestone sessions are typically baby-only and take about 30-45 minutes. I schedule studio milestone sessions between 10 am and 1 pm on weekdays.

If you’re scheduling based on age, you can simply book your session when you’re ready. If you’re scheduling based on a particular milestone, let me know what milestone it is and we can work together to schedule your session at just the right time.

Nathan |Atlanta milestone photographer

Babies grow and change so fast. These milestone photos might seem like an indulgence at first but the truth is, they will one day be the only thing you have, other than the memories in your mind, to remind you of these changes. And while you may take lots of your own milestone photos at home, these will capture your baby in a timeless and organic way.

Nathan |Atlanta milestone photographer

Is your baby about to hit a milestone that you’d like to capture? Reach out today to schedule your session. I would love to capture your milestones for you.

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